Warning - graphic warning triangle
Fraud attempts in the name of ELSTER

Fraudsters are currently trying to obtain information from citizens by email or with fake websites relating to ELSTER.

They send emails with titles such as"Urgent action required: Your ELSTER tax balance" in the name of ELSTER or direct citizens to fake websites with ELSTER references.

We expressly warn against responding to this scam e-mail or opening the links in the e-mail. Websites relating to ELSTER should also only be visited with extreme caution.

You can find more information on scam e-mails on the page Security.

Fraud attempts in the name of ELSTER - Graphic warning triangle

My receipts and the new MeinElster+ app

Video description of how the meinElster+ app works

Mein ELSTER now offers you the option of storing receipts in your user account to help you prepare your income tax return. You can upload the receipts after Login in the "My receipts" area. Paper receipts can be photographed with the new MeinElster+ app and transferred to your user account. Further information


Logo einfachElster

einfachELSTER offers a service especially for pensioners to submit their annual income tax return quickly and easily. The clear user interface guides you step by step through the paperless preparation of your tax return. Too simpleElster

My Unternehmenskonto - the control center for your company account

Logo of Mein Unternehmenskonto

The Unternehmenskonto has been in use as a user account within the meaning of the OZG since the beginning of June 2021. Business organizations of all kinds can use their ELSTER certificates to log in to online services, complete and send authenticated applications and, in the future, receive notifications from the connected administrative services via a mailbox. Further information