Benefits and advantages

What is ELSTER?

ELSTER stands for ELektronischeSTeuerERklärung( electronic tax declaration) and enables the efficient, up-to-date, seamless and highly secure electronic transfer of all tax data between citizens, tax advisors, employers, local authorities, associations, tax authorities and other institutions.

ELSTER provides taxpayers with a free application for the electronic transmission of various tax data via the Internet:

Mein ELSTER is your online tax office that allows you to submit your tax data paperlessly via an interactive web application with maximum security, speed and convenience.

Benefits and advantages of electronic delivery

  • Transfer of data from the previous year
  • Tax calculation
  • Display of your notification data and comparison with the transmitted values
  • Receipt of digital notifications
  • Pre-filled tax return (retrieval of certificates)
  • Plausibility check during creation and transmission
  • Support for visually impaired users