The addition to the Mein ELSTER service offering.

With the MeinELSTER+ app, you can upload all important receipts (e.g. tradesman's invoice, donation receipt, etc.) for your next income tax return to your user account at Mein ELSTER.
This means you have your receipts right at hand when you need them for your income tax return and save yourself the hassle of collecting them.

You can also assign your receipts to comprehensible categories in the app and use the integrated text recognition to mark the values that are of interest for your tax return later. Once you have prepared the receipts in this way, Mein ELSTER will suggest where your receipt can be used in the tax return. The values marked in the app can then be transferred without any further typing or transposed figures.

Do you have any questions or are you looking for contact? In the MeinELSTER+ app, you will also find our chat, which provides you with support on all aspects of ELSTER.

MeinELSTER+ was developed to help you record your receipts for Mein ELSTER. It is planned to continuously add further functions to this app. The integrated text recognition is constantly being improved. Please log in to Mein ELSTER to link it to your certificate file or use the ElsterSecure app. If you have any requests regarding the app, you are welcome to contact us directly via Support.

meinElster+ is available for smartphones with Android version 11 or higher and iPhones with iOS 15 or higher.

Video instructions

Video about the meinElster+ app. Topic: First-time setup with certificate file

Video about the meinElster+ app. Topic: First-time setup with ElsterSecure

Video about the meinElster+ app. Topic: Scanning and categorizing receipts

Video about the meinElster+ app. Topic: Linking the income tax return and document submission